Who We Are

Wicked Arms is a firearm services provider in Baton Rouge, LA. We combine cutting edge technology with craftsmanship and attention to detail in everything we do. We offer our superior quality of services to individuals, businesses and municipal departments alike. Our areas of expertise are:

•Machine Work

•Cerakote Refinishing


•Laser Engraving

Our main goals are to deliver the highest quality of services and provide an unrivaled customer service experience. One of the ways we acheive these goals is by performing all work in-house. Our focus on innovation and efficiency allows us to achieve exacting quality control standards with reduced lead times.

Wicked Arms currently performs service work for several big names in the firearms industry. We offer dealer support programs to firearm shops, gunsmiths and other manufacturers. These programs allow you to leverage our shop’s production capabilities to increase the services you offer to your customers. Please submit a contact form to inquire about our dealer support programs.

Wicked Arms customized gun and knife

Wicked Arms is constantly growing and improving our service options, just because it’s not listed doesn’t mean we can’t do it. We encourage you to reach out to us for a specialized quote. We typically respond to quote requests within 24-48 hours.

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