1911/ 2011 Holosun 407K/ 507K/ EPS Optic Cut


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Our Holosun 407K/ 507K/ EPS Optic Cut is machined to achieve a direct mount to your 1911/ 2011 slide. Our design utilizes front recoil posts and mounting screws. We will provide the appropriate length hardware for the specific optic. This optic cut deletes the OEM dovetail, there will be no rear iron sight.

We can’t perform an optic cut on any 1911/ 2011 slide that has a safety plunger.

All 1911/ 2011 slides will be evaluated for service compatibility upon arrival. Should we decide this service is not compatible with your slide, we will return it and issue a full refund.

If you are supplying the optic please include this with your slide as we will install and boresight it at no charge.

Cerakote is applied to the entire slide.

All machined slides require a coating to protect the raw steel. If you choose not to have your slide refinished, Wicked Arms LLC is not responsible for any rust development or corrosion that may occur. Uncoated slides will be shipped back “In the white” (media blasted).

This is a service to be performed on a customer-provided slide.

We do not charge for disassembly or reassembly.

Optic cuts are not available on Optic Ready model slides.

Add Cerakote To Slide *

No, Thank You, Single Color $50, Battleworn (Two Colors) $75, Basic Multicam (Three Colors) $120, Advanced Multicam (Four Colors) $150

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